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The Bioinformatics Consulting Center (BCC) at Penn State offers bioinformatics data analysis services that cover multiple application domains of high througput sequencing. Our services range from routine data manipulation steps: quality filtering, genomic alignments, variant calling to in-depth data analyses and developing novel, domain specific methodologies.

Information on accessing data sequenced at Penn State: Data Access

Current Projects

We assist students, research scholars and research groups with their data analysis needs.

Read more on the Current Projects page.


Our center spearheaded the creation of BioStar (www.biostars.org) a community driven question-and-answer website for bioinformatic research. Members of the center also teach credit bioinformatics oriented courses

Recent Papers

Our center assists a large number of students and researchers with their data analysis needs.

We distribute paper related supporting data from the Supporting Data page.

Active Grants

We can assist with the grant writing process and provide demonstrated data analysis expertise. We participate at various levels of involvment from offering letters of support and advisory roles to serving as co-investigators:

  • Summer Course on Analyzing Next-Generation Sequencing Data
  • MRI: Acquisition of an Illumina HiSeq2000 as a core sequencing instrument for genomics and gene expression research
  • Damage mitigation in signal transduction networks
  • Sex-specific gene expression in malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum

Contact us

  • Dr. Istvan Albert - BCC Director, Associate Professor, 502B Wartik, email: iua1@psu.edu, phone: 814-865-2281
  • Aswathy Sebastian - Research Staff, 502B Wartik, email: azs13@psu.edu
  • Yinan Wan - Graduate Student in Bioinformatics, 502B Wartik, email: yzw128@psu.edu